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7 Lawn Mower Tips from Lawn Care Professionals

  1. Prior to using your mower, you should be sure you are up to speed on all of the information provided from the manufacturer. Any maintenance required that had not been conducted since previous use should be completed. The owners manual should be read thoroughly to prevent overlooking any critical information that may be important to your lawn maintenance plans. Every Miami Lawn Service company is well aware of how all of their equipment functions and they have read the owners manuals thoroughly.
  2. Safety. Safety. Safety. We can not stress it enough. Safety is an ongoing issue in home service companies alike, especially in lawn service companies. So, if you are up to the task of mowing your lawn yourself, safety must be a priority in your preparation and execution of lawn maintenance tasks. Personal Protective Equipment is the first step. Goggles, Gloves, and proper attire will prevent many personal injuries and help you work more effectively. If you will be working near a road you should wear a reflective vest to help warn oncoming traffic of your presence.
  3. Examine your work space and prepare for work. Look at every portion of property that you will be working on and be sure there is not loose debris that may become hazardous if it comes in contact with a lawn mower. If you have a swimming pool, you may want to put up a safety fence to help prevent lawn debris from falling into the swimming pool. Debris in the swimming pool just becomes more work for you, or your pool service, to clean later. Make sure all pets and children are inside before you begin mowing.
  4. Fuel your lawn mower outside, before you start the motor. You should always have the engine off when refueling. If the lawn mower runs out of fuel before you have finished using it, you should wait until the engine cools down before refueling.
  5. You should never be running your lawn mower in doors. Just like a car, running a lawn mower indoors, including inside of your garage, can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. That is why it is important that you always take your lawn mower outdoors, prior to starting it, and turn it off before bringing back inside.
  6. Do not cut your lawn when the grass is wet. There are a couple of reasons for wanting to avoid wet grass with your mower. Wet grass causes a safety concern for individuals, because it becomes slippery to walk on. It affects lawn mowing quality, because it does not allow the lawn mower to give as precise and clean of a cut. It affects lawn mowing function as well, because wet grass can clog up the lawn mower chutes.
  7. If you ever need to remove clogged up grass or debris from the blades or discharge chute, be sure to turn off the lawn mower first. You should wait for the blades to stop spinning and disconnect the spark plugs (or unplug if you have an electric mower). Use a stick or broom handle to remove any debris, so you do not have to put your body at risk. The main point is to be as safe as possible. Turn off the lawn mower. Remove all power sources that provide power to the lawn mower. And be sure there is no longer any movement or possibility for lawn mower to turn on while you are handling. When in doubt, reference the owners manual.

If you ever have any questions regard your lawn mower, associated equipment, or how to mow your lawn – you can get in contact with the equipment manufacturer or your local Miami lawn service company.


Miami Lawn Care

How you maintain your lawn in Miami is important.

When mowing your lawn it is essential to keep your blades sharp and not to cut too low. By keeping your blades sharp you ensure your cuts are clean and are swift in their contact with each blade of grass. When your blades are dull you do not get a clean cut. Dull blades force the grass to get pushed during contact. The pushing action provides more of a chopping result rather than a swift clean cut as needed. In addition to having sharp blades, you must make sure you do not cut your grass too low. You don’t want to be cutting your grass more than 1/3 of an inch. Cutting too much of your grass or using dull blades causes stress on your grass. Stress leads to poor growth, which can cause weak blades or brown spots in your beautiful yard. It’s important to hire a responsible Miami lawn service company that properly maintains blades and practice strict procedures in their methodology.


Lawn Watering Specifics

It’s important to water your grass about 1 or 2 times per week, about 1 inch at a time. How you water your grass is an important factor to consider when preparing your lawn maintenance procedures. Less frequent and deeper watering is more beneficial to your lawn than more frequent and shallow watering. Deep watering ensures your grass roots are able to grow deeper, thus making more nutrients available to your grass and giving them a more healthy connection to the soil of which they rely.


Fertilization Clarification

Proper fertilization is often an aspect of lawn maintenance that is undervalued. Nitrogen provides a greener color and deeper growth. Phosphorus facilitates the efficient execution of photosynthesis within the grass. Lastly, potassium provides healthier root growth along with building resistance to diseases. Proper fertilization will allow you to maintain your lawn at it’s greatest level of health and beauty, reaching it’s maximum potential. Hiring a qualified and competent Miami lawn service company will make maintaining your lawn a simple task.